The History and Passion of Freeman Tax Law

As a boutique law firm that specializes in tax matters, we have represented hundreds of clients in both civil and criminal tax controversies throughout the years. Freeman Tax Law specializes in effectively analyzing complex international wealth and tax problems, applying an in-depth understanding of the law and achieving positive outcomes for our clients through careful planning, compliance, negotiation, and litigation with the IRS. Whether you owe the IRS money for unpaid business or income taxes, are being audited by the IRS, are under investigation or facing criminal charges for tax crimes or other tax or Bank Secrecy Act offenses (i.e., clients with undisclosed offshore financial accounts and failure to file FBARs), our team is ready to help you.

Representing and Defending People, Businesses and Financial Institutions before the U.S. Government

Dealing with tax issues and the IRS can be extremely overwhelming and intimidating. The complex nature of both domestic and international tax law creates confusion for even the most sophisticated client. Having the right tax attorney on your team is essential to resolving your tax matter.
Freeman Tax Law will thoroughly evaluate your case, and strategize a prudent defense strategy to resolve your matter.

Whether your case calls for expertise in international tax compliance, tax law, accounting, offshore and international banking laws, criminal tax defense or other legal practice areas, our team of lawyers and specialized professionals are armed with the necessary tools to vigorously represent our clients.

We take pride in our ability to focus on the client and deliver a strong attention to detail with regard to the specific facts of your case. Our approach includes:

  • Providing an initial consultation focused on understanding the facts of your case, identifying the specific legal issues of your case and strategizing optimal representation catered to your objectives

  • Identifying and establishing a clear course of how your case will likely proceed — including a detailed description of the services we will provide to resolve your legal matter

  • Forming the optimal legal team to represent you — potentially including white collar criminal defense attorneys, other tax attorneys, former IRS special agents, revenue agents, revenue officers, forensic accountants, reconstructive accountants, paralegals and other professionals in addition to your attorney

  • Counseling the client to provide them with perspective and insight to help in alleviating concerns

  • Negotiating on your behalf with the IRS and State taxing authorities

  • Representing you aggressively before the various courts and tribunals, including the United States Tax Court, the U.S. District Court, Federal District Courts, Federal Claims Court, Courts of Appeals and U.S. Bankruptcy Courts

  • Negotiating favorable settlements that meet your objectives

  • Communicating with you regularly so that you are an informed participant in the resolution process

Multi-Disciplinary Defense Team

Freeman Tax Law applies a team-based and project-oriented approach to every case. Developed over the past several years, out of necessity, this system ensures that our practice has the proper procedures in place to make sure that each matter is handled efficiently and correctly.

Each case involves a lot of information and requires exceptional organization. These matters involve complex legal, tax, and accounting issues. Jeff Freeman, another attorney, an Accountant, a CPA, and a project manager are assigned to each case. Every case requires a work plan and is run like a project rather than a legal case, because there are so many moving parts on every matter.

This multi-disciplinary approach helps defend and prevent tax compliance issues with tremendous efficiency.


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