Exceptional Collaborative Services Provided by Freeman Tax Law

Tax attorneys provide a necessary service for clients who require professional legal assistance with important tax matters regarding their personal or business finances. However, one boutique law firm is breaking the mold by offering more than just legal services and representation. Freeman Tax Law, founded by Jeffrey S. Freeman, J.D., L.L.M., provides a unique combination of legal and accounting services through a project-based approach to each case. Very recently a case was handled by us … Read More

Additional Problems for Americans in Hong Kong Due to FATCA

Taxpayers from the United States who are living or working in other countries have continued to face negative consequences of the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The law was passed in 2010 and went into effect in July of 2014. It basically requires foreign financial institutions around the world to comply with strict information reporting requirements regarding all account holders who are U.S. taxpayers. Banks, investment groups, and even insurance companies are now required … Read More

Car Accident Attorney Can Help in the Process of Accident Insurance

Accidents aren’t happening knowingly. they’ll happen thanks to many reasons. they’ll happen thanks to the negligence of the driving force . it’s advised to not be within the driver’s seat once you have taken alcoholic drinks or the other toxic substances. you’ve got to stay your vehicle in proper condition to avoid the breakdown of any of the parts of your vehicle. Sometimes poor roads also cause accidents. If you’ll obey the traffic rules, you’ll … Read More