Tax Evasion Defense Attorney Representing You Against Criminal Tax Matters

A tax crime conviction can bring severe consequences including substantial prison time, fines, tax penalties and interest. We have the resources to represent you through all aspects of a government criminal tax investigation and trial.

We defend individuals and business entities — partnerships, limited liability companies, etc — accused of, or under investigation for, tax fraud including sales tax fraud, payroll tax fraud, tax evasion and failure to file tax returns, filing a false return, and/or failing to report offshore bank accounts and international income. We are prepared to handle the most complex tax fraud cases.

If you have been contacted by the IRS or another government agency, if they have begun seizing your records, or if you are facing allegations of tax evasion, tax fraud, or another offense, please contact us now. We are prepared to handle criminal tax matters nationwide, meeting with clients in office locations around the country. 


We have successfully handled cases involving failure to file income tax returns, filing returns containing false information, willfully underreporting income, willful failure to pay, conspiracy, and tax evasion. We are prepared to deal with the most complex white collar crimes such as insurance fraud, business fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, health care fraud–including Medicare and Medicaid fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, and other financial crimes. The preceding situations are almost always accompanied by a criminal tax investigation. Effective counsel during these types of investigations is an essential safeguard against overzealous prosecution by the IRS.

If you are the target of an IRS criminal tax investigation, at Freeman Tax Law, we have a team of proven tax litigation attorneys, full service criminal defense attorneys, former IRS special agents, and forensic accountants that will be working on your case. Contact us now so we can resolve your tax fraud issue.


Interestingly, there is no CPA or accountant-client privilege as it pertains to criminal tax cases. Therefore, the CPA or the accountant who prepared your tax return can be forced to testify against you and divulge your personal financial information to the government. It is imperative that you obtain legal counsel. Under our system of justice, the attorney-client relationship has the advantage to protect your private information. Our firm is uniquely positioned to represent you through all phases of the criminal investigation and trial process, while maintaining discreet and privileged representation.

Our primary agenda when a client is being investigated for a tax offense is to handle the matter skillfully and work to stop the criminal investigation. When our lawyers and accountants get involved at this stage, we are often able to prove the case should not be referred further through the criminal justice system and can be handled as a civil matter. We can then explore options including settling the matter through a payment agreement or an Offer in Compromise

Any contact from an IRS Special Agent or other government agents is cause for serious concern. The skilled professionals at Freeman Tax Law have the extensive background in finance and accounting, and will aggressively protect your rights. To discuss your needs and options with an experienced tax fraud lawyer who can put the ideal professional team to work in your defense, please contact our firm now.