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If you have been named the executor or trustee of an estate, you may already be aware that administering an estate is a daunting task. An executor has a number of fiduciary duties. The failure to comply with these obligations can lead to litigation and personal liability. An attorney can be instrumental in helping you complete your duties in accordance with the applicable laws. Freeman Tax Law offers a full range of estate administration and estate planning services. We represent individuals and families across the United States and beyond.

If you have been named as executor of an estate, our lawyers can also help you perform your duties. Our attorneys will assume the various tasks associated with probate, including:

  • Giving notice to creditors, determining the validity of claims, and paying valid claims
  • Filing and paying income taxes
  • Taking inventory of the estate assets
  • Distributing the proceeds of the estate pursuant to the terms of the decedent’s will

Our experienced, knowledgeable attorneys are able to effectively administer the most complex, high-net-worth estates. We understand the potential obstacles that any executor may encounter and will work diligently to overcome these obstacles. We regularly work with financial planners and CPAs if these professionals are necessary to successfully administer an estate. We provide professional, responsive client service and will strive to efficiently guide an estate through the probate process.

In addition to representing estate administrators, we maintain a thriving estate planning and probate practice. In every matter, we are committed to helping achieve our client’s legal and economic goals.

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