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When someone dies, the distribution of his or her assets has the potential to cause conflicts among family members. Even when a will or a trust appears to leave no question as to the decedent’s intent, these disputes can be very emotional and lead to litigation.

If you are involved in estate litigation, or if you anticipate that you will be involved in an estate dispute, a knowledgeable, tenacious estate litigation attorney can be invaluable. Freeman Tax Law represents heirs, beneficiaries, trustees and other parties in the full range of estate litigation. We are able to represent clients throughout the states and beyond in trust litigation and will contests.

Trust litigation can encompass many different matters. The breach of fiduciary duties is often the root of trust litigation. Trustees must adhere to a number of fiduciary duties, including the duty of loyalty, the duty to protect trust assets, and duties to report on the trust regularly. When trustees are suspected of self-dealing, improper management of trust assets, fraud or other breaches of duty, litigation is likely to follow.

Will contests typically revolve around a number of issues, such as technical defects in the will, ambiguities in the will, or allegations that the will is the product of coercion or undue influence. Whatever the specifics, our law firm will undertake a complete investigation of the matter and work towards a favorable resolution.

Sensitive Legal Representation During a Stressful Time

Our law firm has two goals in any type of estate dispute. Of course, our primary goal is to strongly advocate for your position. We offer extensive knowledge of the laws and litigation strategy, and will work diligently and efficiently to help you achieve a positive outcome. Our lawyers are fully aware that estate litigation often involves longstanding disputes between close relatives. Therefore, we will try to protect and preserve these relationships whenever possible.

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