Experience matters, especially when filing with the IRS

Choose an experienced legal team to handle your voluntary disclosures to the IRS

Jeffrey S. Freeman, J.D., LL.M

When it comes to filing with the Internal Revenue Service you know that accuracy can cost you. For both international and domestic tax issues the corresponding tax returns are very complex and accuracy on FBAR forms are extremely crucial. Working with team of professionals that coordinate all efforts ensures that your disclosure is not only handled efficiently, but 100% accurately.

Working Together

Rather than using outside accounting firms Freeman Tax Law has developed a team in house of accountants and attorneys so that each case is handled by a multi-disciplinary team. Working together on one team allows for an efficient flow of information and project communication with the client. In house accountants are highly trained and have experience consistently working on client tax returns and preparing FBAR forms. Attorneys work side by side with the accountants and work with clients to prepare the voluntary disclosure letter and accompanying documents to be sent to the IRS. In addition they provide representation before the Internal Revenue Service and the criminal investigation agent that is handing the case for the government.

Team Project

From the first on boarding call we use a systematized, project-based approach to more effectively and smoothly help the client through the process. We start by allowing the client to meet the team and learn what information the team needs from the client. With a wide array of forms and documents required for filing we provide a unique client tool kit of samples of letters and information needed to obtain from their financial institution. This tool kit allows the client to present the information in an organized manner, which is efficient and keeps the project cost to a minimum.

The second phase is to circle back with the client after we have reviewed all the provided documentation to share our analysis and recommendations. We provide a work plan identifying all action items and steps required to complete the project. No detail is too small and every tax return requiring preparation is outlined along with all documentation required to ensure no detail is forgotten.

It Works

Our hundreds of clients can attest to the ease and success of our multidisciplinary project approach them through these disclosures. Since disclosures are highly time sensitive and complexity, working closely as a team and with our client allows us to do our job more effectively than other firms.

Wide Reach

With offices all around the country, Freeman Tax Law can serve you locally. Since the IRS is a centralized there are many clients all across the country facing similar tax disclosure issues. Mr. Freeman travels around the country meeting with clients as often as needed and utilizing technology to keep constant communication with clients. As a boutique law firm Freeman Tax Law that relies on technology, Freeman Tax Law works with clients around the world.

About Freeman Tax Law

Freeman Tax Law (FTL) is a boutique law firm consisting of a multi-disciplinary team of tax professionals including tax attorneys, CPAs and a professional staff that have vast experience with foreign tax compliance and regulatory matters for financial institutions. FTL consults with both FFIs and USFIs with regard to Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and related regulatory matters and assists them developing procedures on how to comply with these laws. FTL provides a multidisciplinary approach for filing offshore voluntary disclosures. Working to help clients prevent future tax headaches we offer a complete wealth management and estate planning team. As an experienced firm with wide reach, Freeman Tax Law provides immediate assistance to our clients planning for and resolving all tax related challenges.

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