Freeman Tax Law Encourages Taxpayers to Prepare Early

Tax season is just around the corner and Freeman Tax Law encourages individuals and businesses to prepare early in order to take full advantage of available tax credits.

ftx-expatriates-tax-issuesJanuary, 2015 – As the New Year rolls in, tax season is fast approaching. Rather than procrastinate the process of filing taxes, Freeman Tax Law encourages clients to prepare early. Every year brings new updates to current tax law, and an experienced tax attorney can assist clients in navigating the changes efficiently. Whether you file singly, jointly, or as a business, there are many tax credits available that can help you reduce the amount you owe and increase returns.

Individuals may be eligible for tax credits depending on their standing regarding recent property purchases, educational experiences, or business ventures. A tax lawyer will discuss your situation to help identify ways you may qualify for tax credits and savings.

“Freeman Tax Law is a unique boutique law firm that offers comprehensive tax services nationwide,” shares Jeffrey S. Freeman, J.D., LL.M. “We are able to meet with clients nationwide and offer experienced accounting and representative legal services to ensure our clients are compliant with all tax requirements.”

At Freeman Tax Law, a team of professionals including an attorney, an accountant, and a CPA/Project Manager work collaboratively on each case. The firm employs innovative client portal technology for more efficient organization and communication.

About Freeman Tax Law

Freeman Tax Law (FTL) is a boutique law firm consisting of a multi-disciplinary team of tax professionals including tax attorneys, CPAs and a professional staff that have vast experience with foreign tax compliance and regulatory matters for financial institutions. FTL consults with both FFIs and USFIs with regard to Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and related regulatory matters and assists them developing procedures on how to comply with these laws. FTL provides a multidisciplinary approach for filing offshore voluntary disclosures. Working to help clients prevent future tax headaches we offer a complete wealth management and estate planning team. As an experienced firm with wide reach, Freeman Tax Law provides immediate assistance to our clients planning for and resolving all tax related challenges.

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