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Jeffrey S. Freeman, J.D., LL.M

fatcaIf the IRS is coming after you or your business you need expert legal representation. The IRS has been cracking down especially hard on those that have hidden their assets offshore. Seeking legal representation with a specific background and proven experience before the IRS revenue, collection, criminal divisions, or U.S. Federal Court is key.

Specially Trained

Starting out in the financial industry, Jeffrey S. Freeman worked for KPMG, an international accounting firm, as an international tax attorney. Trained by and working with a former special agent and a revenue agent of the fraud division of the IRS, Mr. Freeman gained hands on experience understanding exactly how IRS agents work and operate. Trained in financial and legal matters he holds an accounting degree, law degree and LLM or masters of laws in taxation. In 2003 he left the financial sector to open the boutique tax practice, Freeman Tax Law. He is heavily involved with the American Bar Association’s Criminal Tax Section’s Foreign Asset Working Group, which focuses on current trends as the law continues to develop in the area of offshore bank account disclosures and FATCA.

In the United States there is a select group of recommended attorneys that are listed on the Federal Tax Crimes Blog, the most visited website for those searching on the FBAR and OVDP topic. Mr. Freeman is part of this group of attorneys representing clients in the area of Voluntary Disclosures. Uniquely poised among this group, Mr. Freeman has several years experience in dealing with the technical underpinnings of the international tax law from his time at KPMG working in the international area as well as specializing in tax controversy law. More than just the procedures, Mr. Freeman understands the banking sector from a business and client perspective.

Resolving International Tax Controversies

Recent changes in financial reporting stemming from FATCA and banks cleaning up their situations after the U.S. Department of Justice cracked down on Swiss Banks profiting from U.S. tax evaders has left many individuals unsure where to take their foreign funds and how to clean up prior tax issues. With numerous programs for both banks and account holders, the IRS is allowing for voluntary disclosure for their wrong doings. In exchange for paying fines and cleaning up their mess they IRS is providing protection from criminal prosecution.

Based on Mr. Freeman’s twenty year experience as an international tax attorney specializing in tax controversy he is ready and able to help you navigate the IRS and determining how to bring your case into compliance. Freeman Tax Law has significant experience and has represented hundreds of clients in these matters throughout the years. Efficient processes allow for routine disclosures to be handled easily and effectively and complex cases are handled with the same effective team approach.

About Freeman Tax Law

Freeman Tax Law (FTL) is a boutique law firm consisting of a multi-disciplinary team of tax professionals including tax attorneys, CPAs and a professional staff that have vast experience with foreign tax compliance and regulatory matters for financial institutions. FTL consults with both FFIs and USFIs with regard to Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and related regulatory matters and assists them developing procedures on how to comply with these laws. FTL provides a multidisciplinary approach for filing offshore voluntary disclosures. Working to help clients prevent future tax headaches we offer a complete wealth management and estate planning team. As an experienced firm with wide reach, Freeman Tax Law provides immediate assistance to our clients planning for and resolving all tax related challenges.

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