Freeman Tax Law Takes Innovative Approach with Collaborative Team Model

Freeman Tax Law provides a unique combination of accounting and legal services to ensure the satisfaction of every client.

companiesFreeman Tax Law is unlike any other law firm because they offer a unique multi-disciplinary team approach to every case. Rather than assigning one attorney to a client or case, they provide an entire collaborative team to manage every financial and legal aspect of the case to ensure their clients are in full compliance with the law.

Expert Collaboration

Every case is assigned a team of professionals which includes a tax attorney, a certified public accountant (CPA), and a CPA/Project Manager. The tax attorney is able to meet with clients in over 26 locations nationwide to provide personal service and attention to each case. Additionally, an in-house CPA is able to review account and financial information from each client and prepare and file necessary taxes. To ensure communication and direction is clear and effective, a Project Manager oversees each case. The Project Manager has both legal and accounting experience (each one is also a CPA) so they are qualified to guide the collaboration.

Freeman Tax Law has experienced great success with this team-based multi-disciplinary approach. Even the IRS has complimented the firm for their consistently high level of execution and accuracy.

Exceptional Communication

Communication is central to the efficiency of this process. Consequently, Freeman Tax Law employs innovative client portal technology for more efficient organization and communication. This way, the firm is able to communicate progress and represent the client before the IRS and also prepare and file amended tax returns, prepare and file FBAR Forms (Fincen Form 114), and draft the disclosure letter and other necessary documents.

Freeman Tax Law specializes in foreign tax law. Each team of professionals stays up to date with the latest updates related to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Clients can trust that Freeman Tax Law will ensure they are in compliance with FATCA regulations and can assist clients with the voluntary disclosure process as necessary.

The United States government takes taxes seriously, and it is important that taxpayers do too. By relying on the professional assistance of a tax law firm, taxpayers can ensure they receive the full benefit of credits and deductions and are in compliance with all applicable tax laws.

“We are very proud of our unique process and services,” shares Jeffrey S. Freeman, J.D., LL.M. “Client satisfaction is our number one priority and this multidisciplinary accounting and legal system ensures our practice has the proper procedures in place to handle each case efficiently and correctly and in an organized manner.”

About Freeman Tax Law

Freeman Tax Law (FTL) is a boutique law firm consisting of a multi-disciplinary team of tax professionals including tax attorneys, CPAs and a professional staff that have vast experience with foreign tax compliance and regulatory matters for financial institutions. FTL consults with both FFIs and USFIs with regard to Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and related regulatory matters and assists them developing procedures on how to comply with these laws. FTL provides a multidisciplinary approach for filing offshore voluntary disclosures. Working to help clients prevent future tax headaches we offer a complete wealth management and estate planning team. As an experienced firm with wide reach, Freeman Tax Law provides immediate assistance to our clients planning for and resolving all tax related challenges.

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