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Applying for an ITIN in Michigan

What is an ITIN?

The ITIN is a nine-digit number that always begins with the number 9 and has a 7 or 8 in the fourth digit, for example 9XX-7X-XXXX.

People who do not have a lawful status in the United States may obtain an ITIN. In addition, the following people are lawfully in the country and must pay taxes but may not be eligible for a SSN and may obtain an ITIN:                                                      

  • A non-resident foreign national who owns or invests in a U.S. business and receives taxable income from that U.S. business, but lives in another country.
  • A foreign national student who qualifies as a resident of the United States (based on days present in the United States).
  • A dependent or spouse of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  • A dependent or spouse of a foreign national on a temporary visa.

Why Do I Need an ITIN?

The ITIN program was created by the IRS in July 1996 so that foreign nationals and other individuals who are not eligible for a Social Security number (SSN) can pay the taxes they are legally required to pay.  Below are other reasons you may need an ITIN:

  • Opening an interest-bearing bank account.  Individuals who do not have a SNN but do have an ITIN can open interest-bearing accounts.
  • Securing a driver’s license.  Some states have allowed the ITIN to be used instead of a SSN in order to receive a driver’s license, driver’s permit, or state identification card.
  • Providing proof of residency. At some point in the future an immigrant may need to prove how long he or she has been in the United States and having a tax return filed using an ITIN is one way to show that.

How a Certified Acceptance Agent can Help

Only an IRS licensed Certified Acceptance Agent can facilitate the issuance of an ITIN number in the field.  The benefit to the individual is you do not need to  release your original Passport or other personal identifying papers to the IRS.  The CAA can validate your documents on behalf of the IRS, and speed the issuance of the ITIN.

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