Tax Attorney Handling Innocent Spouse Claims Nationally and Internationally

If you are currently facing a significant tax debt or other tax problem and believe that problem was caused by the actions of your husband or wife, unbeknownst to you, the experienced attorneys at Freeman Tax Law are here to help. In recognition that married couples filing joint returns may not be mutually responsible for tax errors and offenses, the IRS offers several programs allowing relief from shared liability for unpaid taxes, penalties and interest.

Our law firm has handled numerous innocent spouse claims on behalf of people who had very limited involvement with household finances or simply trusted their partners when it came to tax matters. Our efforts have led to numerous success stories. In one successful case, our team was able to demonstrate to the IRS that a woman should not be held liable for $280,000 in taxes she never knew were going unpaid.

Eliminating or Splitting Tax Liability for Clients Innocent of Tax Improprieties

Our experience and capabilities extend across the three types of relief available:

  • Innocent spouse relief if your current or former spouse failed to report or underreported income or claimed improper deductions
  • Separation of liability relief enabling splitting/allocation of a tax liability between both spouses or former spouses
  • Equitable relief under certain other circumstances

As in all other tax matters we handle — ranging from delinquent filings to handling offshore banking matters — we will emphasize thorough investigation of the facts of the case. Our highly qualified, professional team may enlist reconstructive accountants, former IRS agents or others with relevant expertise to support your claim.

Tax Debt You Knew Nothing About? Need to Protect Your Fiancé?

In addition to targeting positive outcomes for innocent spouses, we have also helped people protect future spouses from liability for IRS or state tax debt. If you are engaged and either party has tax problems, it can be essential to consult a proven tax attorney who will focus on protecting your rights and interests.

Our national tax firm has satellite offices to meet with clients. To speak with a lawyer prepared to thoroughly review your case and help you find the best legal option, call or e-mail our firm today.