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Aside from our knowledge of international tax law and tax controversy, what makes Freeman Tax Law unique is the process that we have developed in handling both our domestic and international civil and criminal tax matters for clients. Rather than being reactive as many attorneys are, we apply a project oriented approach to every case. Every client has an individualized work plan and we identify and develop the necessary work flows at the beginning stage of every case. Each case requires planning and strategy to ensure that we get the desired results for our clients. We have developed this approach to ensure that our practice has the proper procedures in place to make sure that each client matter is handled efficiently and effectively. Because of the complex nature of the tax law, each case usually involves many pieces of sensitive information, and has complex legal and accounting issues to resolve. This requires our firm to have exceptional organization of client information and fortunately we have the technology and processes in place to enable this to occur.

Mr. Freeman is involved in every case and usually assigns himself, an Associate Attorney, and Accountant, if necessary, to each matter. Each file in our office also has a project manager assigned to it from this team to ensure that there is accountability and cases move along on the right track and ensure clients are aware of all developments. Each member of the team works on a different aspect of the case. As a firm we strive to be technologically driven and have developed secure systems to share information amongst the team.
We are confident our process works because of the comments that we receive when we submit our work product to the IRS and from past clients.

Multi-Disciplinary Team of Attorneys and Tax Professionals

As a firm we try to offer our clients a “one stop shop” type of experience when it comes to our representation of the client in a tax matter. Unlike other firms that represent clients with tax issues, we have assembled a multi-disciplinary team of both accounting and legal professionals that work together to resolve your problem. This approach was necessary because our clients often deal with complex situations that require that both legal and tax compliance issues are addressed simultaneously. This is somewhat unique for a law firm. However, we have found that this approach of combining both the legal and tax compliance aspects into the representation of our client allows us to provide a much more comprehensive and efficient approach to the client’s situation. Everyone on the team is able to share information about a particular fact pattern and we are able to develop a deep understanding of both the legal and accounting aspects of each case. We also frequently work with other competent outside accounting firms at the client’s request.

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