Unpaid payroll taxes, sales taxes or other business taxes can expose your company and you personally to severe civil penalties and criminal consequences. If you have fallen behind on required tax filings or payments, you need legal counsel from an experienced tax lawyer who is dedicated to protecting your business and financial interests.

Experienced Business Tax Attorneys Helping You Protect Your Assets

Accomplished tax attorneys at Freeman Tax Law have helped many business owners, corporate officers, board members and other stakeholders resolve a wide range of complex tax challenges. Our professional team has the knowledge and resources to:

  • Represent you in a payroll tax audit or any other investigation into tax improprieties involving your business
  • Handle all aspects of a Form 4180 “responsible person” interview conducted by the IRS to determine responsibility for failures in tax compliance
  • Advocate for you in a disputed matter involving classification of individuals as employees or independent contractors
  • Dispute inaccurate assessments of trust fund penalties
  • Conduct our own independent investigation into embezzlement, deception within your company, or other factors in your tax situation
  • Defend your interests in litigation in tax court or U.S. district court

Handling Your Case According to Your Circumstances and Priorities

We recognize that a business reversal or untimely payments by your customers may have caused cash flow problems and tax delinquency, for this same reason you may need to get help. Alternatively, your case may involve a partner or key employee engaged in embezzlement, internal deception or other unfair dealings.

Our focus will be on helping you and your business emerge from an investigation with minimal damage. Through resourceful advocacy and skilled negotiations, our payroll tax attorneys have helped numerous business clients achieve resolution of their tax problems and keep their businesses running.