Strong Representation for Taxpayers in Tax Disputes Involving Excessive Penalties and Interest

The IRS and other authorities have the authority to assess a wide range of penalties for various oversights and violations. In many cases, these authorities will assess these penalties without any substantial investigation into the facts of the case.

If your total tax liability has been increased by substantial penalties, interest or both, we encourage you to contact Freeman Tax Law to discuss tax abatement strategies.

Diligently Assessing Your Tax Situation and the Fairness of IRS Penalties

Freeman Tax Law and our tax law team have successfully represented numerous clients in penalty-and-interest cases. We will thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances and analyze whether or not you have a valid defense. When penalties are likely to be financially catastrophic, such as when penalties exceed the amount of tax owed, we will challenge the fairness of any penalty and related interest.

Decades of Experience Providing Individual and Business Tax Counsel

Our tax penalty lawyers are prepared to handle any of the involving:

  • Assessment of various penalty types including any late filing penalty, late payment penalty, responsible person penalty, payroll tax penalty, sales tax penalty, accuracy-related penalty, civil tax fraud penalty, or understatement penalty
  • Tax penalties and interested associated with either your personal income or your business
  • Failures to disclose and pay required taxes on money held in offshore bank accounts or other international financial accounts
  • A full range of tax disputes and controversies underlying the assessment of these penalties — involving delinquent filings, an innocent spouse claim or other circumstances

Consult a Tax Interest Removal Attorney With a National Practice

If you have been assessed penalties by the IRS or other tax authority, our law firm is fully prepared to take action to protect your rights and interests. We will focus on building a compelling case to have penalties abated, targeting reduction of your total liability and tax resolution problem. Contact us to discuss your situation.