Setting Up a Business in the United States?

Freeman Tax Law has decades of experience helping companies of all sizes with their tax, legal and business formation requirements.

We can help with everything you need to form a company in the USA as a foreigner, non-citizen, non-resident or US citizen.

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See How Freeman Tax Law Can Help Your Business

  • We Can Help With:

    • Whether you should register as a corporation or a limited liablility company
    • What state you should incorporate in and which states to register in
    • Determining if you need to obtain any special licenses


  • We Understand the U.S. Business Climate

    The United States consists of many different geographic and demographic consumer markets, each with distinct tastes, purchasing behaviours, distribution systems, regulations and climates. Business and consumer practices not only vary from state to state, but city to city and town-to-town.

  • Support and Guidance

    We offer ongoing dedicated live account support and compliance updates. You will never have to worry about filings, or whether you are in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. We handle everything, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

  • Maintaining Your U.S. Company

    a. File an Annual Report.

    The “Annual Report” is simply a document that updates the state on the owners, addresses and Registered Agent for your company. In many states it can be filed online. Your Registered Agent will receive and forward the required report to you before it is due. We can file your Annual Report in any state! Visit our Annual Report Page to view your Annual Report due date, fees and order online. Failure to file this report can result in your company becoming inactive, be assessed late fees and eventually be administratively dissolved.

    b. Maintain a Registered Agent.

    If you fail to maintain a Registered Agent, your company will not receive important state and legal documents and therefore will not be able to file an annual report and may lose a lawsuit by default judgment for failing to respond. Please see our Registered Agent Page.

    c. Meet Your Home Country Requirements.

    Make sure that if your home country requires any filings, taxes or other information that you consult local law to determine your obligations.

    d. Pay US Taxes (if required).

    Depending on your country and other factors (for example, if you’ve been a US resident), your company or the individual owners may have to pay taxes on any US-based income – though many countries have “tax treaties” with the US and are taxed at a reduced rate or do not have to pay them at all. We have decades of experience helping businesses and individuals with all of the tax filing responsibilities.

  • Business Services and Consulting

    Why do people choose Freeman Tax Law?
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    • Years of Experience Helping Businesses of All Sizes
    • Will Handle All Necessary Filings and Reports
    • Free, No-Obligation Initial Consultation

It's crucial, when starting a new business, that all pertinent options are addressed. Our goal is to limit the risks, and protect our clients' personal capital and assets - when launching, buying or selling, or operating a new business.

Jeffrey S. Freeman Attorney and Counselor


Jeffrey S. Freeman, Esq. has personally represented and counseled hundreds of clients with regard to their tax matters. During his early career, Mr. Freeman worked for a large international tax firm specializing in international tax issues. He has extensive experience representing Fortune 100 clients and high net worth families. By combining large firm training and attention to detail, with a boutique firm approach and a personal focus on resolving complex tax matters efficiently, creatively and strategically, Mr. Freeman’s priority is always to provide his clients with the highest level of representation.

Mr. Freeman holds a Masters of Law in Taxation (LL.M.) from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. and Juris Doctor, Cum Laude, from the Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, with honor, from Michigan State University.

“The client is the most important person at our firm….it is our job to understand their facts, clearly explain all options to resolving a problem, treat them with integrity and provide the highest level of representation.” 

— Jeffrey S. Freeman, J.D., LL.M., Attorney and Counselor