Dealing with tax issues and the IRS can be extremely overwhelming and intimidating. The complex nature of both domestic and international tax law creates confusion for even the most sophisticated person or business. Having the right tax attorney on your team is essential to resolving your tax matter. Freeman Tax Law will thoroughly evaluate your case, and strategize a prudent defense strategy to resolve your matter.

With expertise in tax law, international tax compliance, accounting, offshore and international banking laws, criminal tax defense or other legal practice areas, our team of lawyers and specialized professionals are armed with the necessary tools to vigorously represent you. We form a multi-disciplinary team containing the optimal legal team to represent you potentially including white collar criminal defense attorneys, other tax attorneys, former IRS special agents, forensic accountants, reconstructive accountants, revenue agents, revenue officers, paralegals and other professionals in addition to your attorney.

Representing you aggressively before the various courts and tribunals, including the United States Tax Court, the U.S. District Court, Federal District Courts, Federal Claims Court, Courts of Appeals and U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, Freeman Tax Law will negotiate a favorable settlement that meets your objectives.

Tax law is highly technical and an area of legal practice that involves resolving issues for clients before the government tax authorities. Unlike many firms, Freeman Tax Law is a boutique firm of specialized tax attorneys with extensive substantive expertise in income, international, criminal tax, estate, gift and employment tax issues as well as an in depth understanding of the procedural rules of how the IRS and the tax system operates. Our team of tax controversy experts use this knowledge and years of experience to effectively represent our clients.

Discuss your needs and options with an experienced tax lawyer who can put the ideal professional team to work in your defense. Let us handle all of your critical interactions with the government.