Tax Form Changes For Alimony Deduction Coming Soon


IRS planning on changing tax form for alimony deductions

The IRS is planning to make changes to its tax return forms after the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) found an additional line is needed on Form 1040.  This line is needed to enter the date of divorce or separation agreement on the form's Schedule 1.

Without the date of the alimony agreement on the form, the Internal Revenue Service will be unable to determine whether individuals claiming an alimony deduction are eligible to do so, according the to TIGTA.

 IRS management agreed with TIGTA’s assessment, saying that the agency would look to revise the form by January 2020.

 The agency’s current plan is to program filters to assess whether taxpayers have previously taken the alimony deduction to determine if alimony was paid prior to the 2019 tax year.

Alimony and Support Agreement Changes due to TCJA

The tax laws and treatment of alimony payments were altered by the TCJA, or Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.  Please download our free eBook on Alimony and Support Agreements to learn more.