Helping Protect Your Assets from Liens and Levies

Tax liens and tax levies can severely restrict your ability to sell or refinance your property, run your business, obtain credit or otherwise manage your assets, and cause disruption of your financial stability. If you believe liens or levies have been improperly placed upon your assets, our law firm will diligently represent you in dealing with the IRS or the state taxing authorities to obtain the proper releases and protect your assets.

Even if the liens and or levies were properly placed on your assets, there are still options available. Our team will negotiate in either circumstance for their release. The existence of past tax liabilities will not prevent our team from thoroughly accessing your options and negotiating the best possible resolution.


Understanding Tax Liens and Levies

Many people are unaware that the placement of liens and levies on your assets does not require a court order or judgment. Removal of liens and levies requires in-depth knowledge and expertise with the IRS and State Taxing agencies, policies and procedures. We can help you with matters involving:

  • Tax liens: If you do not voluntarily pay your taxes, the federal or state government may file a lien against your residence, business, other real estate, or investments. Our team will inform you of the options available, and negotiate aggressively on your behalf to remove the liens.
  • Tax levies: Due to the fact that it is easier to stop or modify a levy before money is actually garnished from your paycheck or removed from your bank account(s), if the IRS is placing a levy against your wages, bank accounts or other assets, we encourage you to contact our law firm now. If the tax levy is already in place, there are options available to negotiate a removal of the levies on your behalf.

Settling Past Tax Liabilities in Order to Remove Liens or Levies

For a lien or levy to be removed, you must first come into compliance with the taxing authority. If you feel that you are financially unable to become current with your past tax liabilities, our firm is able to resolve your tax matter— including obtaining relief from a levy or lien — by negotiating an installment agreement, an offer in compromise, or your assignment to non-collectible status.


Freeman Tax Law can Help

We understand the devastating impact that wage garnishment, tax levies and tax liens can have on your financial stability. To work directly with an attorney who understands the many viable options for resolving your tax problems, please contact us to schedule a confidential consultation.