Wealth transfer planning with meticulous detail

Particularly for high-net-worth individuals, families and those who have assets overseas, it is very important to have a wealth transfer plan prepared with meticulous attention to detail by an attorney with extensive knowledge of tax consequences both in the U.S. and internationally. This can ensure that your assets are protected as well as transferred in a way that is financially sound. Protection and transfer of your wealth can be complex and requires careful planning.

Enlist the seasoned and highly knowledgeable services of a legal team that has been successfully representing clients by creating the fundamental documents to transfer wealth and understand the associated tax issues. Freeman Tax Law provides sophisticated estate planning experience, tax law, and wealth management and planning services. This includes wealth transfers through gifting, wealth transfer planning and business succession planning. With offices nationwide and a network of attorneys and advisers globally with expertise to draw upon, our legal team has the international capabilities to deal with offshore accounts and your internationally held assets. We have expertise in international tax compliance and can ensure the proper disclosure of foreign assets and that you are properly meeting tax requirements. We will serve your needs with a comprehensive and holistic approach and are comfortable working with your team of financial advisers, accountants, attorneys, family office professionals and other professional advisers.

Our highly skilled team of estate planning and wealth management lawyers will become part of your wealth management team and help you to transfer assets in a manner that will legally minimize tax consequences and accomplish your estate planning goals. Contact us for a consultation.

Succession Planning and Wealth Transfers

Wealth transfer, estate planning and succession planning do not have to be just in the event of a death or a business dissolution. Transferring ownership of assets or a business entity can occur at anytime at the demands of the current possessor. What applies regardless is the importance of planning and executing a transfer with diligence in order to minimize loss, address tax implications, and ensure the future success of your successors.

We can make sure all possible issues are addressed, including:

  • Gift tax implications
  • Minimizing estate and federal taxes
  • Establishing clear ownership
  • Determining management status
  • International tax consequences
  • Tax penalties
  • Asset protection
  • Creating family limited partnerships or limited liability companies
  • Protecting and Sheltering assets

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